20 November 2022

System solutions

Particularly suitable for the production of hanging merchandise, the system label provides completely traceable production processes as well as supplying information for the retail trade and the end consumer. Thereby the system label is also suitable for all producers with customer-oriented production, and the corresponding equipment in the logistics sector. With relatively little effort it is possible to transmit comprehensive information for the entire production planning and control. At the same time, a sew-in, textile label is available for each piece of clothing.

In a single work cycle the information is processed onto the fields which have to be individually defined by means of a thermal transfer printer and a special, compatible printing foil; then the clothes are hung on coat hangers or stuck on the folded merchandise.

Information for the various sectors, which can be passed on with the system labels:

  • Etiketten LantorProduction/unit lists with detailed information
  • Customer information pursuant to the German Textile Labelling Act
  • Customer stickers / marketing tags
  • Logistics tags with removable EAN codes
System solutions
System solutions