19 November 2022

Textile Ribbons

Today care instructions, material composition and all other important data for customer and sales records are exclusively printed via thermal transfer labels. For this we offer different qualities of textile ribbons each with their appropriate printing foil.

  • Etiketten LantorPolyester-Satin ribbons warm cutted or with a high-quality woven rim. Especially suitable for underwear and medical clothing as well as infant clothing. Available in 24 different colors. Special dyeing is also possible!
  • Etiketten LantorPolyester-Taft with a special coating suited for cross-dyeing and garment-dyeing. Available in the colors white, black, green, orange, blue and sand. Please ask us for special coloring!
  • Etiketten LantorPolyester-or-Nylon Taft coated in weights of 67g/m2 up to 86 g/m2 for universal targeted or high-quality applications. Both sides are printable. Also available with removable duplex-labels from adhesive paper
Textile Ribbons