27. Oktober 2016


druckersortimentFor Textile, Cardbord and Adhesive Labels:

Pronto! 483 – the Allrounder

Professional and solidly constructed, Pronto! 483 label printers offer a range of possibilities for use in continuous operation in production, logistics or retail. Ideal for the flexible, precise printing of textile, cardboard or adhesive labels, these network-enabled printers can do the lot, operating on a standalone basis or integrated into a production line.

Easy to attach, no tools needed. Cuts labels or continuous material up to 300 g/m².


Externel coiler
External coiling device. Coil diameter 210 mm.

Three different add-ons allow a highly flexible labelling of your goods.


Cutter with stacker and label-specific shelf support
Materials are cut using the cutter and simultaneously stacked. Material widths of 25-110mm and labels measuring up to approx. 150mm can be stacked.

For Textile, Cardbord and Adhesive Labels:

Plexo! 453/653 – the Two-Coloured

two-coloured-lantorlabelplexo-453-653-lantorlabelsThe perfect solution for printing two-coloured cardboard or textile labels in a single operation. Two thermal transfer print heads, arranged one after the other, allow for the simultaneous printing of two colours. The first print mechanism is additionally equipped with an automatic ribbon-saving system. Available with cutter/stacker as an option.

For simultaneous printing of front- and backpages:

Plexo! duo 453 – the Two-Sider

plex-duo453-lantorlabelplexo-453-two-siderEquipped with two print heads arranged one above the other, the Plexol Duo 453 can print both sides of textile or cardboard labels simultaneously. Available with cutter/stacker as an option.