25. Januar 2017


Kiaro! Color-Printer

The Kiaro! Color Label Printer Family

Full-Range Label Printers for Every Application

Kiaro! Color-Printer

Kiaro! 50 Color PrinterThe Kiaro! delivers flexibility in labeling. With the Kiaro!
inkjet label printer family, you’ll be able to print finished labels virtually as fast as you generate work orders. You’ll leverage its all-digital, highspeed label printing capacity to manage labels for your diverse product line, to custom-print private label packaging, and to personalize your products. With the digital on demand Kiaro! label printer, you will only spend money when you actually print labels – never for a minimum order of pre-printed labels that gather dust in your stockroom and decline in value. And with four separate ink cartridges, you will only replace inks one color at a time.

Kiaro! 50D Color PrinterYou’ll always have product labels at your fingertips when you print your own labels with a Kiaro!. There will be no more time delays or friction caused by working with an outside label printing company, and no concern over whether you have the right labels in inventory.

Fast Inkjet Label Printer Designed for High Production

Kiaro! 200D Color PrinterKiaro! Inks:
The Kiaro! uses four separate ink cartridges, one for each CMYK color. Printing at 12 meters per minute in 1200 dpi requires very precise, small droplets, and the Kiaro! ink set uses a special chemical formulation to print at this high speed
and resolution. Kiaro! inks have excellent flow and quick drying characteristics, and maintain their color on the shelf for months without fading. Each Kiaro! ink comes in a 240mL large capacity cartridge.

Kiaro! D Color PrinterKiaro! Labels:
To produce labels that go beyond just beautiful appearance (although they have that too) QuickLabel developed Kiaro! paper and synthetic label substrate materials to work specifically with Kiaro! inks. Kiaro! materials produce high
performance labels that resist moisture, abrasion, smearing, many solvents, and UV light, and that can be used in high heat as well as refrigerator and freezer conditions. Finished Kiaro! labels are available in hundreds of sizes and shapes.